Interactive Classroom Ukulele Method

Comprehensive Ukulele Method. Tried and tested in the classroom. Guaranteed to have your students not only master the instrument but also gain general music knowledge that would transfer to any other instrument.

All lessons and activities are well paced to insure maximum student engagement.

Within a few lessons students and teachers will be able to strum and play along with songs.

The Ukulele can easily be stored on a cart and played by students from grades 3 to grade 7 and beyond.

The knowledge and skills learned on and through the ukulele can be easily transferred to other instruments.

Easy and Fun
Learning Experience

The interactive lessons cover a range of topics such as: History of the Ukulele, Parts of the Ukulele, Correct posture, Left and right-hand technique, Rhythm and Beat, Chords, Strumming patterns, Notes on the staff and single note melodies.

Classroom Ukulele Curriculum

What to Expect

All original content not found anywhere else on the web. Play along backing tracks in variety of styles and tempos. Split screen playing activities for melody and chords. Engaging activities, Online and printable pdf quizzes, drag and drop activities, and games.