Interactive Ukulele Method

A Sequential Ukulele Curriculum for the Elementary Classroom

Everything you need to get started! An all-inclusive program, delivered straight from the screen and packed with everything needed to inspire your students to play and learn.

Easy and Fun

No need to plan or prepare in order to deliver the content. 

No prior experience or knowledge about the ukulele required in order to use the method.

All lessons and activities are sequenced and perfectly paced to ensure students’ success and maximum engagement.

Tried and Tested

The method and sequence has been proven to work across multiple grades (3 - 7) in a variety of classroom settings and environments.

All Original Content

33 Engaging Lessons and Activities for Teachers and Students, including interactive videos, guided group activities, and quizzes.

General Music Knowledge

The knowledge and skills learned on the ukulele can be easily transferred to many other instruments.

Easy to Learn

Within a few lessons students will be able to strum and play along with fun songs and beyond.

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Trusted by Educators in a Number of School Districts

North Vancouver School District
Hastings and Prince Edward School District
Comox Valley Schools

What you need to Get Started

A Class Set of Ukuleles, Computer or Laptop, Internet Connection, Projector, Speakers….and Enthusiasm!

Do you need a classroom set of ukuleles and a cart for transportation/storage? Click here for an exclusive package. 

Start Your Journey NOW


 Although the method is geared primarily towards classroom instruction, the course should work for individuals in all settings. 

Your subscription allows you to use the course at only one school. In order to use it at multiple locations you will need to purchase additional licenses. Contact us for more information.

We are using standard C Ukulele tuning, GCEA (Soprano, Concert, and Tenor Ukuleles)

No, you don’t. You can choose your own order, skip or repeat steps as you see fit. 

Many of our subscribers are using the Roadie Tuner that automatically tunes your ukulele (guitars, etc.) 

At this point the course is specifically designed to cater to right hand players only.


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